Flow Motion Programs

  • Flow Motion FITT: Boot Camp & Yoga (Adults/Kids)
  • Advanced series: Flow Motion Silver (55+) & Flow Motion Therapy.
  • Teacher Training & Program Licensing 


Designed to improve flexibility while relieving tensions and renewing energy. Flow Motion Yoga is low impact, making it an ideal way for people with joint pain to improve their strength, flexibility, and range of motion.  Plank, chaturanga, down dog and cobra are all performed on the mat. Floating in savasana, it turns out, never felt so blissful!


FITT Boot Camp

This class will tone and strengthen your core like never before!  Flow Motion Boot Camp is a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns. We throw EVERYTHING on the mat! Ripples, bumps and FUN!



This class helps improves a child’s cardio endurance, coordination and confidence all while having a ton of FUN on top of an inflatable mat! It’s a full body cardio and muscular conditioning workout mixed with fun and challenging games in the pool! Guaranteed to be your kid's favorite workout!


Flow Motion Silver

This class focuses on our seniors (55+). Integrating total body toning, conditioning and balance making it an ideal way for people with joint pain to improve their strength, flexibility, and range of motion.  


Flow motion Therapy 

Learn to capitalize on the instability of the mat and help rebuild proprioception and kinesthetic awareness loss resulting from injury.  Core strength, stability, range of motion, and multi-plane movement will be targeted.  Resistance bands, body weight, instability, and the viscosity of water will help individuals return to normal recreation and experience a brand new exercise outlet.  Individuals recovering from low back pain, ankle, knee, shoulder sprains and instability, among many other injuries can benefit from Flow Motion.


Teacher Training & licensing

 In order to enhance your experience on the fitness mat we recommend teacher training for your facility but it is not required to purchase a fitness mat. Included in Teacher Training is the following: set up/tear down, safety, mat tethering, storage & care, Flow Motion Basic Programs (Boot Camp/Yoga) and quarterly updates.