Chapter 41 of the Tao Te Ching states, "Going forward then, feels like retreat." Out of context these words seem paradoxical, nonsensical, and downright false. How can one both go forward and retreat at the same time? It is impossible.

Unless you've spent some time on a Flow Motion mat. And this is where the idea of surrender comes into play.

By transferring your workout routine onto an unbalanced surface instead of the familiar feelings of a hard ground, your progress forward will sometimes feel like a step backward. Every movement is new, every reaction to familiar exercises is different, and there is no way one can cheat and use a strong side of their body to compensate. And because of this- it oftens leads to feelings of frustration and irritation. And through these feelings, some participants have the desire to give up, move on, and automatically do something they've already excelled at. Simply because it is familiar. And comfortable. 

But fear not! Our instructors will not allow our students to take such action! Instead we guide participants into the unfamiliar arena of letting go and surrendering. We know these workouts are difficult. We know they will challenge you. And we know you will feel out of your element. But we also know that every participant feels this way the first time they step on a mat, and that it is ok to feel this way! In fact, it is good. The faster you fall in the water, the faster you will learn. Because fear will no longer be guiding your actions. For in order to truly grow, to truly gain fitness, understanding, and be the person we want you to be, we ALL must learn to surrender to our current circumstances and remain unattached to any specific outcome. We must allow whatever happens in the water to happen because we will ALWAYS learn from whatever outcome comes to pass. And it is through our unattachment, and our surrender, that we gain an elevated awareness of how to improve for the future. 

See how that works for life in general too? It's amazing what exercising on a Flow Motion mat can teach you. 

 So, if you feel like you not only need to elevate your fitness levels but also need a lesson in surrender and unattachment, then take one of our classes, and see how it will begin to permeate into every facet of your daily life. 


"Patience is a virtue." 

We've all heard this familiar saying. Most often, it is told to us in our most impatient time- when we are shrouded in anxiety, angst, and anger, wondering why events haven't unfolded the way we have expected them to. We try extremely hard, we give maximum effort, and still nothing has changed. It can be beyond frustrating. But this is where the virtuous portion of ourselves must break through and stand tall in front of us. Because, it is true, patience is one of the most virtuous acts we can portray- especially in today's world. 

Technology has ruined our practice of patience. Everything is rapid pace, quick results, flat abs in in 40 mins, drive through food service, the list can go on. It can be an easy trap to fall into. If something is not rapid, if it is not fast, if it cannot work at light speed, then it is often deemed unworthy of our time. And we move on to something that can give us the quick results which we now crave.

But is this new practice healthy? Or is it possible that it has leeched into other facets of our lives- like relationships, business practices, and our exercise routines. We no longer have the idea of taking things slow and allowing them to happen. And more importantly- enjoying the process of allowing. 

So what we need to do is find a new challenge, implement it into our lives, and allow the process of change to happen through effort and patience. Which is what Flow Motion is all about! 

Our combination of balance exercises and plyometrics will not only get your body into the best shape you have ever been in, but it will also challenge every portion of your muscle groups as well as spark new connections in your brain- as every movement on water is a different one from which you have grown accustomed to through your everyday movements. 

And true, you may fall off at first. You may also not be able to do execute every movement which we are asking of first. Through time, and patience, you will begin to see the changes you long to see every session you hop onto a mat. Maybe next time you'll be able to do that lunge, or that jump, or even that headstand. And true, progress may be slow, but if you stick with it, if you allow yourself to fail, and then overcome, not only will you be gaining physical prowess, but also a whole new boost in confidence. 

Let's retrain ourselves become patient once again. And watch it permeate through every portion of our lives. For that is what Flow Motion is- a teacher in one of the greatest virtues of all- patience. 

The Struggle is Real

In our modern Western society it seems we crave convenience, speed, comfort, and ease. In fact, every invention of the modern age was designed with the intention of enhancing such experiences. We connect with people with a device which fits in our hands, running on a large scale network which works with rapid pace, while eating pre-packaged food not forested or harvested by those eating it, as we self-checkout of a grocery store full of every product needed to sustain life in one building. This is the defintion of living without struggle. We are constantly coddled, bred in comfort, and we have become creatures of habit always looking for these type of experiences in every facet of our lives.

It is true though, some things in life are supposed to be effortless, free-flowing, easy and graceful. They are supposed to easily fit into the idea of who we are, what we want to accomplish, and where we see ourselves in the future. Over the years, many people have given these things different names- your calling, your fate, your life's purpose- each defining the same simple action of moving into the person we are supposed to be in order to share our gifts with the world. The struggle of being who we are, in fact, should never be a struggle. And therefore, our life's purpose should also never be a struggle. Because if it is- maybe you are not supposed to be doing it.

But, not everything in life should be without challenge. Especially your healthy habits and your exercise routine. And this is where the idea of taking the struggle out of life becomes foolish. For if we are to bring the idea of comfort and ease into our exercises then what is to be accomplished? It has been tried before- we've all seen those early color TV spots of housewives standing on a machine which shakes their glutes with a giant strap as they smile and read a magazine. (and if you haven't seen it, then that sentence is probably a bit odd- so look it up!) The machines were supposed to melt the fat off of your body without ever lifting a finger!! And while they may have marginally worked for some people- they didn't stand the test of time and have since faded away. 

And for good reason! Excercising and becoming healthy are born in struggle. They are defined by it. Because we need both the comfort and the struggle to experience life's dualities. Struggle brings with it pain, torment, feelings of uncertainty and being uncomfortable. But when it is overcome- what else does it bring? Triumph, beauty, confidence, meaning, and value- all parts of life which enhance our experience, make us wise, and bring us centered in ourselves, deeply rooted in the belief that you can accomplish ANYTHING. 

And this is where Flow Motion fits in. Every class we hold, every demo we give- we see it...the struggle. The struggle to stay balanced on the mat, the struggle to incorporate moves which seem so easy on land, the struggle to push out one more rep even though the pain is intense, and the struggle to get back on the mat when you inevitably fall off. And through this struggle we see smiles, and the blossoming of confidence, and the feelings of power eminating from our participants completing a class and wanting to take another in order to improve themselves even more. 

Yes, we crave comfort and ease. Because it feels familiar. Because it feels good. But we must make sure not to let this idea of comfort leech into every facet of our lives. It is not meant for certain areas- especially exercise. Working your body in order to see improvements in athletic performance, health, and over wellness is rooted in pain- both physical and mental. But it is through that pain where we see the biggest rewards. So stop trying to make exercise comfortable and easy. If it was- you'd still be in the same shape as when you started- simply because you'd be doing what you've always done and getting what you've always had. The struggle is real people.  But all we must do more of is...embrace it. 


Throughout our day to day routines we all look for motivation to get us through certain tasks which may not inspire us to keep going. These uplifting messages often come from things like books, speakers, quotes, even friends. And no where is motivation more needed than when it comes to our exercise routines. We've all been there- struggling to get out of bed in the morning, driving to the gym, fighting feelings of wanting to stay at home and drink a big cup of coffee instead of sweating for an hour before work. However, it doesn't always last. These fluctuating feelings of being high on motivation and down on it can be frustrating. And can often lead to unwanted side-effects such as quitting.

But what if there was a better way? A way to let go of motivation and just be? How would that change things for you and your life? Especially when it came to getting in shape. 

Well, there is such a way. 

We at Flow Motion believe that in order to really see changes in our lives and start living with true happiness- we must move from motivation and step into meaning.

Let that sink in.

What if our purpose for being here, at this very moment, was to get in shape, feel great, and live the life we were meant to be living? What if our meaning was to not fall in and out of things, giving up, and moving onto the next? Of course, in certain situations, these actions are sometimes more than necessary. But not always- especially when it comes to our health. 

You see, the problem with motivation is that it often comes from outside sources. And anything that comes from outside of yourself- natually fluctuates. Simply because it is not sustainable. But if we can step into our meaning, our purpose, we will naturally want to live in a healthy body in order to feel great, and in order to co-create with others who are doing the same thing. If your inner thoughts and feelings change- your outside world naturally will as well. 

And that's the point- we want you to think of exercise as a way of reaching results which match your inner self. Not some outer goal of looking a certain way, or acting a certain way, which often times are just not realistic. And you know what the exciting part is? The outer goals naturally follow the level of self-love and self-purpose we have on the inside. 

That's how it works!! If you love yourself fully, from the inside out, you tend to start to make better decisions. Maybe you make a salad for dinner one night instead of ordering pizza. Or maybe you park farther away from the entrance to the supermarket so that you can walk a little farther to and from your car. Or you take the steps up your building instead of the elevator. Or maybe you decide to try something new and exciting- like a Flow Motion class on the water. Whatever it may be- because you are rooted in self-love and purpose, every decision you now make is for the good of yourself- both mentally and physically. 

And that is where motivation falls off the cliff. Because you don't need it anymore. You are now grounded in the decisions which only help yourself instead of chasing an outside, unrealistic goal. And before you even realize it- you're living the life you've always wanted to live but only dreamed about as an unrealistic ideal which may or may not come in the future. 

So let's decide today to let go of motivation and step into meaning. Once you've done that- we'll be waiting for you on the mats, ready and willing to elevate you to all new levels of health and well-being. 

Let's Talk About Balance

The one facet of our lives in which we look to achieve success in is of course...balance. We all look to have a balance of fun time and work time. A balanced, healthy diet to maintain a balanced body. We balance our checkbooks and bank accounts. We work off of a balanced budget. And we silently drift between the Yin and the Yang in our lives in order to maintain a homeostasis congruent to a life worth living in peace. Balance is everywhere. And it should be, because it is important. Without it, we tend to feel misplaced, misguided, and often times searching for answers outside of ourselves. Balance, one might argue, is the key to life.

But how do we attain it? 

The simple answer is...awareness. By raising our awareness of our choices and what causes us to feel imbalanced, we can then adequately look to change what has thrown us off-kilter. And this elevated awareness can be brought to every facet of our lives in order to improve them. 

For you may have noticed even in the simplest tasks, such as working out, that maybe you're not getting the results in which you have been looking for. And that's ok!! The important part is that you have become aware. Now you are ready for a change. Now you are ready to introduce more balance into your routine. 

And that is where Flow Motion comes in. We have talked before about how our workouts introduce balance into your fitness. But we have not discussed why this is so important.

The most obvious being- it strengthens the core. Balance exercises, such as being on a Flow Motion mat in the water, fires your core muscles (transverse abdominals, multifidus, diaphragm, pelvic floor, and many other deeper muscles) and strengthens them with less time and effort. This is possible because your core acts more as a stabilizer and force transfer center rather than a prime mover. By introducing balance training you are automatically implementing core strength into your workout regimen as it is constantly used in every movement on the mat's surface. Imagine that- even if you did nothing on a Flow Motion mat except balance exercises, you would still be strengthening your entire core! 

And by working your entire core, you are automatically improving any overcompensation issues you may have as well. Exercising on land, while great, tends to allow for participants to rely heavily on their favored sides. Especially if they have had a prior injury which has led to atrophy in a particular muscle. When doing exercises on land, it is easy to ''cheat'' per say, and rely on your stronger side to compensate for your weaker one. Doing this long term often leads to further injury, pain and distress because it puts too much of a burden on one particular muscle group or even bone. Often times, after overuse, symptoms such as arthritis and other problems involving tissues- the most popular being meniscus tears- become more prevalent. This is immediately taken out by Flow Motion. You cannot cheat, compensate, or get away with anything when you are constantly balancing! Which in turn gives participants an awareness of any overcompensation issues they may have overlooked, and the opportunity to correct them. It's simple- balance exercises create a more balanced body. 

And along with a more balanced body comes a more balanced brain. The exercises performed on a Flow Motion mat also forces your brain to fire neurons which may have laid dormant for extended periods of time as new muscles are being used and strengthened. It is fairly easy to get into a pattern which repeats throughout our days- inlcuding our exercise routines. After a while your brain becomes used to working in a familiar way causing it to only use certain neurological passageways when conducting movements. This is the brilliant efficiancy of the body in action. However, if we surprise the brain and create an exercise atmosphere unfamiliar to its past records, the brain is made to work in a completetly different way. This makes your movements more refined, your body is able to adapt quicker to unfamiliar situations, and it keeps your brain young by increasing it's neuro-passageways and allowing such phenomenon as increased memory and higher levels of dopamine (the anti-anxiety/happy hormone) to flow.

We have experienced this with our classes. After completing a bootcamp workout, most participants have a feeling of elevated awareness, cognitive function, and an increased feeling overall wellbeing. This is because their brains have traveresed unfamiliar territory, survived, and even thrived- creating a stronger sense of confidence in the individual. It seems Flow Motion is not only great for your fitness, but for your overall feeling of well-being as well!!

And once you put balance exercises into your daily routine- what do you think will happen? Balance will begin to seep into every aspect of your life. Because once you have changed one thing, it is only natural that everything else in your life will change as well. Like pins in a bowling alley- knock the first few over and the rest will eventually follow. Its quite simple really- yet undeniably amazing. Let Flow Motion guide you into a more balance-centered exercise routine and see the results for yourself. Experience balance on the mat- and then bring it to the rest of your life. 

Kid's Bootcamp and Classes

Here at Flow Motion we get asked a lot of questions, which is fair. We are a brand new way to exercise on the water, one that most people are understandably unfamiliar with, so questions are always welcomed. However, there is one question that we seem to be asked more than most-

Is there an age limit when it comes to getting on the mats?

The short answer!!

The long answer though, requires more...well, length, in order to explain. Basically if the participant is confident in their swimming skills in case they fall off, can adequately balance when doing the exercises, and is strong enough to lift themselves onto the mat from the water- then we'll be waiting at a nearby pool to get you into the best shape of your life!

And this, of course, includes children. 

The benefits of Flow Motion do not stop with the adult population. To the contrary- they extend to all ages and skill levels (again- as long as you can swim!) It came to our attention early on that even though some parents were not exactly thrilled to get their butt's kicked by a Flow Motion workout, their kids often were! So we decided to open our classes to the younger population- with great success!!

We all know kid's have high amounts of energy- which is awesome! But not so awesome for tired parents trying to corral their children throughout the day. But bear not! Flow Motion has the remedy. A 45min class- involving balance, cardio, swimming, jumping, even jumping rope, will not only exercise your children to get them into better shape, feeling healthier, and happier, but also work their cognitive function through tactical balance practice, and tire them out from all the fun they'll be having on the water! It really is, a win-win!

We've seen it in every class we have taught- the laughter, the smiling, the competitiveness, and the thrill to keep on enjoying their time on the water with Flow Motion. Don't believe us? Sign your curious child up for a class- and experience the fun of Flow Motion on the water for yourself!

Benefits of Bootcamp on the Water

We've all been there- lost at the gym, wondering what machine to use next or what weights to throw around. It can be exhausting to just think of a workout routine sometimes. Eventually you become fatigued- not from working out, but from plannning your workout. 

Or, maybe you're a seasoned gym rat who spends most of his/her time conjuring what torturous exercise to do to yourself next. And yet, still, maybe the same people and the same places become stale and you just need a break from the routine. 

What to do next?

Easy. Find a Flow Motion Boot Camp class and reap the immense benefits of our high intensity, high reward workouts where you'll completely transform your body, brain (through balance practice) and understanding of what it means to be physically fit. 

Not convincing enough? Alright, let's go a little deeper on what Flow Motion can add to your life. 

The biggest and most obvious benefit is- get maximum results in minimum time. Boot Camp workouts are designed with a time limit which means you show up, do the work, and leave. There's no resting in between sets, talking with friends, or switching songs on your phone. You're here to work and work is what you'll be doing. And through your dedicated effort results will begin to show up in your body. You'll start to see more definition in your muscles, a higher rate of cardio exercise, and increased cognitive function resulting in a clearer, calmer mind. Pretty cool, right?

But it doesn't stop there. With Flow Motion, you're looking at a complete body workout every time you step on the mat. Through our program routines, we are targeting every major and minor muscle group in your body in combination with balance leaving the participant with sore muscles they never knew existed before. And that's a good thing!!

Because...through the mix of total body workouts by combining strength and cardio your body will kick its metabolism into high gear during and long after your workout. That means you'll be burning 5-10 times more calories during a Flow Motion class than you would runnning a treadmill but not only that- because of the high intensity nature of the class, it's possible and more likely probable that your body will be burning calories up to 36-48 hrs after your class!! Imagine that- you're still burning fat and getting in shape even after working out! 

And of course, the biggest benefit of attending a Flow Motion class is to beat the boredom at the gym. Combining fun and working out is of course the ultimate challenge, which we at Flow Motion believe have achieved. In every class that we have taught, our participants have said two things- 1. That it really worked their entire body. and 2. That is was a whole lot of FUN. Everyone has left with a huge smile on their faces, wondering exactly what they just did, and more importantly- wanting to do it again. Almost immediately. 

So if you'd like to expand your fitness routine, get in better shape than you've ever been in, increase cardio, strength, and cognitive function, and have fun while doing it- Flow Motion is for you. But let's face it, who doesn't want all those things?? So please, stop reading this, and go find a class near you!!! We already won't regret it. 

Benefits of Yoga

Above all others, one fitness craze that has been sweeping across the United States and beyond- has been yoga. Wherever you are, in any given town or city, you will most likely be able to find a yoga studio near you. That and a Starbucks. But yoga studios as well- mostly ranging from hot yoga, Bikram yoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin, etc.  

The question is then- why has it become so popular? Where did it come from? And are there any benefits to practicing it?

Yoga's origins lie in India- more specificallythe Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. Developed out of some of the oldest sacred texts, mystic seers called Brahmins and Rishis began to compile and refine the movements that would later become modern yoga. The purpose for their practices was to teach others the sacrifice of the ego through self-knowledge, action (karm yoga) and wisdom (jnana yoga). The initial practice of yoga was essentially to be enlightenment, not to attain it.  

As their message began to spread, other practicioners began to refine the movements even more- creating systems and flows in order to cleanse the body and break the bond the mind has on daily life. And over a period of years, what they created essentially has become our modern system of yoga with a few present day tweaks here and there. 

IMG_6844 (1).JPG

So, besides as a way to quiet the mind and understand your innner being (because, you know, even THAT might not be enough to convince people to give yoga a try) are there any other tangible benefits?


Yoga has many wonderful  benefits.

Just to name a few: 

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased muscle strength and tone.
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury.

And this is where the Flowmotion mat comes in. They are specifically designed with a yoga practice in mind. With a full, comfortable foam pad, and the ability to make quick adjustments with bungees and fabric handles, the mat helps both beginner and practiced yogis expand into the healthy being they long to see in themselves. 

But imagine this as well if you will. Sure, yoga can give you all of the aforementioned benefits, but what happens when you add in an unstable surface on the water? Well, to put it simply- imagine those benefits but two-fold and twice as fast. That is what working on your balance while discovering your flow will provide. It forces the body to adapt quicker, creates stronger balance poses, and provides the practitioner with all new obstacles- each and every time they step onto the mat. 

And while practicing the ancient art of yoga on land will certainly make you feel an overwhelming sense of well-being, doing it on the water will provide a sense of true accomplishment and growth. 

This is the future of exercise. This is the future of yoga. And we will be here to collaborate with you as you take your health and overall wellbeing from the future and bring into the present. 


Land vs. H20

In recent years, the fitness industry has began to explode with new ideas, methods, techniques, and tricks for increasing one's overall health and wellbeing. Workouts such as P90x and Crossfit have slowly made their way to every state in the country. Which is great! If it works for an individual, if it makes one feel stronger, fitter, and healthier, then by all means continue with it. However, what if the feeling of plateauing with these workouts creeps into your body and you are looking to take that next step? Well, that is where the water comes in. We at Flowmotion believe we have discovered the natural progression of physical fitness by creating a boot camp and yoga program designed on the water for the purpose of working your body like it has never been before.

 How does Flowmotion achieve this new and exciting workout?

One word: balance. 

We all know, squats are hard, pushups are a pain, and burpees were created by the devil. And we also know they are difficult on land, and they work really well in getting you into shape. But what if we did all of these exercises on the water? On an unbalanced surface? What type of progress do you think you could make? It cannot be measured. Simply because putting your body into unfamiliar movements and motions forces it to use not only muscle groups which you were unable to use before but also new neurons will be firing in your brain in order to process the motions you are doing. Which keeps the body young and more importantly, the brain. 

As Louis Stack, a Canadian National Speed Skating team member explains, "Balance is both a movement skill that enhances technique and a conditioning element that can be improved. Another way to understand balance is as a function of the nervous system, which is directly influenced by the five senses. A sixth sense- proprioception- in the muscles, bones, hands, feet and connective tissues alerts the body when balance is threatened. The body's balance centers- the eyes, ears, and feet- work together to sense imbalance and correct posture. When you lose balance, you brain sends instructions to the muscles and bones about how and when to react."

The idea is to keep your body in a constant state of heightened alert and awareness while exercising in order to dramatically increase the benefits of your workout. We all know someone who runs on the treadmill constantly waiting to lose weight and increase their cardio. And it happens...for a while. But the infinite intelligence of your body understands routine as well as your mind and in that routine it becomes comfortable. And once it is comfortable- change never takes place. You will plateau, you will stop shedding pounds, and you will not become stronger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The same principle exists for workouts on land. If you keep repeating the same patterns you will reach a stopping point. BUT!! If you decide to include an aquatic fitness class on Flowmotion into your routine- your body will be constantly readjusting, changing, growing, and evolving into the fit vehicle you wish it to be. It has to. Simply because what you will be doing is different. And change always results in different results.

So if you're ready to move into the next phase of your exercise journey, allow Flowmotion to show you the way. Contact us directly to purchase a mat or find a class nearby! Get on the water and evolve!

Check out an intro video below!!