Chapter 41 of the Tao Te Ching states, "Going forward then, feels like retreat." Out of context these words seem paradoxical, nonsensical, and downright false. How can one both go forward and retreat at the same time? It is impossible.

Unless you've spent some time on a Flow Motion mat. And this is where the idea of surrender comes into play.

By transferring your workout routine onto an unbalanced surface instead of the familiar feelings of a hard ground, your progress forward will sometimes feel like a step backward. Every movement is new, every reaction to familiar exercises is different, and there is no way one can cheat and use a strong side of their body to compensate. And because of this- it oftens leads to feelings of frustration and irritation. And through these feelings, some participants have the desire to give up, move on, and automatically do something they've already excelled at. Simply because it is familiar. And comfortable. 

But fear not! Our instructors will not allow our students to take such action! Instead we guide participants into the unfamiliar arena of letting go and surrendering. We know these workouts are difficult. We know they will challenge you. And we know you will feel out of your element. But we also know that every participant feels this way the first time they step on a mat, and that it is ok to feel this way! In fact, it is good. The faster you fall in the water, the faster you will learn. Because fear will no longer be guiding your actions. For in order to truly grow, to truly gain fitness, understanding, and be the person we want you to be, we ALL must learn to surrender to our current circumstances and remain unattached to any specific outcome. We must allow whatever happens in the water to happen because we will ALWAYS learn from whatever outcome comes to pass. And it is through our unattachment, and our surrender, that we gain an elevated awareness of how to improve for the future. 

See how that works for life in general too? It's amazing what exercising on a Flow Motion mat can teach you. 

 So, if you feel like you not only need to elevate your fitness levels but also need a lesson in surrender and unattachment, then take one of our classes, and see how it will begin to permeate into every facet of your daily life.