Floating Yoga Pod

Welcome yogis to the Flow Motion revolution. Where core strength, balance, and flexibility enhances your practice on the water. 

Introducing the Big Buddha yoga pod: gently anchored mats in the water make for greater connection to your class and the natural world where yoga was intended to be practiced. Stretch, float, flow- and embrace the shift from imbalance to balance. 


24 D-ring tie town points

16 Handles

5 Anchor spots

2 Inflation ports

Big Buddha Flow Motion Yoga POD7.jpg
Big Buddha Flow Motion Yoga POD.jpg

The Mat

The Fitness Mat is inflatable and easily stashed away yet extremely rugged to meet the demands of fitness programs. Whether you just need a mat for your personal pool or entire fitness facility, Flow Motion will make your program FUN and successful!


Mat Pricing

Flow Motion fitness mats and program are reasonably priced for any aquatic facility to offer Flow Motion to their members.  Complete with video tutorials, video programing, set up and onsite teacher training we offer an easy transition for the clubs.  Deflate and stash away or leave inflated, stacked in a corner to minimize storage use.  Pricing is based on quantities for your facility and discounts start as low as 2 mats.  Want one for your personal pool?  No problem! You can buy 1 mat and start practicing flow motion in your back yard.  Contact us for wholesale pricing or more information.

For East Coast sales contact: KJ@FlowmotionFITT.com

For West Coast sales contact: Christen@FlowmotionFITT.com

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Construction & specs

Our inflatable fitness mat features extremely durable, military-grade materials with drop stitch construction that make it withstand the daily use in aquatic facilities.  Extremely lightweight construction with built in handle for ease of carry and set up.  This rigid platform measures at 7'10" x 35" x 6" to fit in between swim lanes yet provide ample stability for everyone.



Flow Motion fitness mats are made by Evolve Paddle Boards.  A leading Stand up paddle board manufacturer in the industry.  Using Evolves inflatable paddle board technology we are able to add features that help with the overall Flow Motion experience without sacrificing quality of the product. By teaming up with Evolve it allowed us to concentrate on developing the program while keeping the mats very affordable for facilities.  Check out Evolves website for more products. 

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