"Patience is a virtue." 

We've all heard this familiar saying. Most often, it is told to us in our most impatient time- when we are shrouded in anxiety, angst, and anger, wondering why events haven't unfolded the way we have expected them to. We try extremely hard, we give maximum effort, and still nothing has changed. It can be beyond frustrating. But this is where the virtuous portion of ourselves must break through and stand tall in front of us. Because, it is true, patience is one of the most virtuous acts we can portray- especially in today's world. 

Technology has ruined our practice of patience. Everything is rapid pace, quick results, flat abs in in 40 mins, drive through food service, the list can go on. It can be an easy trap to fall into. If something is not rapid, if it is not fast, if it cannot work at light speed, then it is often deemed unworthy of our time. And we move on to something that can give us the quick results which we now crave.

But is this new practice healthy? Or is it possible that it has leeched into other facets of our lives- like relationships, business practices, and our exercise routines. We no longer have the idea of taking things slow and allowing them to happen. And more importantly- enjoying the process of allowing. 

So what we need to do is find a new challenge, implement it into our lives, and allow the process of change to happen through effort and patience. Which is what Flow Motion is all about! 

Our combination of balance exercises and plyometrics will not only get your body into the best shape you have ever been in, but it will also challenge every portion of your muscle groups as well as spark new connections in your brain- as every movement on water is a different one from which you have grown accustomed to through your everyday movements. 

And true, you may fall off at first. You may also not be able to do execute every movement which we are asking of first. Through time, and patience, you will begin to see the changes you long to see every session you hop onto a mat. Maybe next time you'll be able to do that lunge, or that jump, or even that headstand. And true, progress may be slow, but if you stick with it, if you allow yourself to fail, and then overcome, not only will you be gaining physical prowess, but also a whole new boost in confidence. 

Let's retrain ourselves become patient once again. And watch it permeate through every portion of our lives. For that is what Flow Motion is- a teacher in one of the greatest virtues of all- patience.