The Struggle is Real

In our modern Western society it seems we crave convenience, speed, comfort, and ease. In fact, every invention of the modern age was designed with the intention of enhancing such experiences. We connect with people with a device which fits in our hands, running on a large scale network which works with rapid pace, while eating pre-packaged food not forested or harvested by those eating it, as we self-checkout of a grocery store full of every product needed to sustain life in one building. This is the defintion of living without struggle. We are constantly coddled, bred in comfort, and we have become creatures of habit always looking for these type of experiences in every facet of our lives.

It is true though, some things in life are supposed to be effortless, free-flowing, easy and graceful. They are supposed to easily fit into the idea of who we are, what we want to accomplish, and where we see ourselves in the future. Over the years, many people have given these things different names- your calling, your fate, your life's purpose- each defining the same simple action of moving into the person we are supposed to be in order to share our gifts with the world. The struggle of being who we are, in fact, should never be a struggle. And therefore, our life's purpose should also never be a struggle. Because if it is- maybe you are not supposed to be doing it.

But, not everything in life should be without challenge. Especially your healthy habits and your exercise routine. And this is where the idea of taking the struggle out of life becomes foolish. For if we are to bring the idea of comfort and ease into our exercises then what is to be accomplished? It has been tried before- we've all seen those early color TV spots of housewives standing on a machine which shakes their glutes with a giant strap as they smile and read a magazine. (and if you haven't seen it, then that sentence is probably a bit odd- so look it up!) The machines were supposed to melt the fat off of your body without ever lifting a finger!! And while they may have marginally worked for some people- they didn't stand the test of time and have since faded away. 

And for good reason! Excercising and becoming healthy are born in struggle. They are defined by it. Because we need both the comfort and the struggle to experience life's dualities. Struggle brings with it pain, torment, feelings of uncertainty and being uncomfortable. But when it is overcome- what else does it bring? Triumph, beauty, confidence, meaning, and value- all parts of life which enhance our experience, make us wise, and bring us centered in ourselves, deeply rooted in the belief that you can accomplish ANYTHING. 

And this is where Flow Motion fits in. Every class we hold, every demo we give- we see it...the struggle. The struggle to stay balanced on the mat, the struggle to incorporate moves which seem so easy on land, the struggle to push out one more rep even though the pain is intense, and the struggle to get back on the mat when you inevitably fall off. And through this struggle we see smiles, and the blossoming of confidence, and the feelings of power eminating from our participants completing a class and wanting to take another in order to improve themselves even more. 

Yes, we crave comfort and ease. Because it feels familiar. Because it feels good. But we must make sure not to let this idea of comfort leech into every facet of our lives. It is not meant for certain areas- especially exercise. Working your body in order to see improvements in athletic performance, health, and over wellness is rooted in pain- both physical and mental. But it is through that pain where we see the biggest rewards. So stop trying to make exercise comfortable and easy. If it was- you'd still be in the same shape as when you started- simply because you'd be doing what you've always done and getting what you've always had. The struggle is real people.  But all we must do more of is...embrace it.