Throughout our day to day routines we all look for motivation to get us through certain tasks which may not inspire us to keep going. These uplifting messages often come from things like books, speakers, quotes, even friends. And no where is motivation more needed than when it comes to our exercise routines. We've all been there- struggling to get out of bed in the morning, driving to the gym, fighting feelings of wanting to stay at home and drink a big cup of coffee instead of sweating for an hour before work. However, it doesn't always last. These fluctuating feelings of being high on motivation and down on it can be frustrating. And can often lead to unwanted side-effects such as quitting.

But what if there was a better way? A way to let go of motivation and just be? How would that change things for you and your life? Especially when it came to getting in shape. 

Well, there is such a way. 

We at Flow Motion believe that in order to really see changes in our lives and start living with true happiness- we must move from motivation and step into meaning.

Let that sink in.

What if our purpose for being here, at this very moment, was to get in shape, feel great, and live the life we were meant to be living? What if our meaning was to not fall in and out of things, giving up, and moving onto the next? Of course, in certain situations, these actions are sometimes more than necessary. But not always- especially when it comes to our health. 

You see, the problem with motivation is that it often comes from outside sources. And anything that comes from outside of yourself- natually fluctuates. Simply because it is not sustainable. But if we can step into our meaning, our purpose, we will naturally want to live in a healthy body in order to feel great, and in order to co-create with others who are doing the same thing. If your inner thoughts and feelings change- your outside world naturally will as well. 

And that's the point- we want you to think of exercise as a way of reaching results which match your inner self. Not some outer goal of looking a certain way, or acting a certain way, which often times are just not realistic. And you know what the exciting part is? The outer goals naturally follow the level of self-love and self-purpose we have on the inside. 

That's how it works!! If you love yourself fully, from the inside out, you tend to start to make better decisions. Maybe you make a salad for dinner one night instead of ordering pizza. Or maybe you park farther away from the entrance to the supermarket so that you can walk a little farther to and from your car. Or you take the steps up your building instead of the elevator. Or maybe you decide to try something new and exciting- like a Flow Motion class on the water. Whatever it may be- because you are rooted in self-love and purpose, every decision you now make is for the good of yourself- both mentally and physically. 

And that is where motivation falls off the cliff. Because you don't need it anymore. You are now grounded in the decisions which only help yourself instead of chasing an outside, unrealistic goal. And before you even realize it- you're living the life you've always wanted to live but only dreamed about as an unrealistic ideal which may or may not come in the future. 

So let's decide today to let go of motivation and step into meaning. Once you've done that- we'll be waiting for you on the mats, ready and willing to elevate you to all new levels of health and well-being.