Land vs. H20

In recent years, the fitness industry has began to explode with new ideas, methods, techniques, and tricks for increasing one's overall health and wellbeing. Workouts such as P90x and Crossfit have slowly made their way to every state in the country. Which is great! If it works for an individual, if it makes one feel stronger, fitter, and healthier, then by all means continue with it. However, what if the feeling of plateauing with these workouts creeps into your body and you are looking to take that next step? Well, that is where the water comes in. We at Flowmotion believe we have discovered the natural progression of physical fitness by creating a boot camp and yoga program designed on the water for the purpose of working your body like it has never been before.

 How does Flowmotion achieve this new and exciting workout?

One word: balance. 

We all know, squats are hard, pushups are a pain, and burpees were created by the devil. And we also know they are difficult on land, and they work really well in getting you into shape. But what if we did all of these exercises on the water? On an unbalanced surface? What type of progress do you think you could make? It cannot be measured. Simply because putting your body into unfamiliar movements and motions forces it to use not only muscle groups which you were unable to use before but also new neurons will be firing in your brain in order to process the motions you are doing. Which keeps the body young and more importantly, the brain. 

As Louis Stack, a Canadian National Speed Skating team member explains, "Balance is both a movement skill that enhances technique and a conditioning element that can be improved. Another way to understand balance is as a function of the nervous system, which is directly influenced by the five senses. A sixth sense- proprioception- in the muscles, bones, hands, feet and connective tissues alerts the body when balance is threatened. The body's balance centers- the eyes, ears, and feet- work together to sense imbalance and correct posture. When you lose balance, you brain sends instructions to the muscles and bones about how and when to react."

The idea is to keep your body in a constant state of heightened alert and awareness while exercising in order to dramatically increase the benefits of your workout. We all know someone who runs on the treadmill constantly waiting to lose weight and increase their cardio. And it happens...for a while. But the infinite intelligence of your body understands routine as well as your mind and in that routine it becomes comfortable. And once it is comfortable- change never takes place. You will plateau, you will stop shedding pounds, and you will not become stronger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The same principle exists for workouts on land. If you keep repeating the same patterns you will reach a stopping point. BUT!! If you decide to include an aquatic fitness class on Flowmotion into your routine- your body will be constantly readjusting, changing, growing, and evolving into the fit vehicle you wish it to be. It has to. Simply because what you will be doing is different. And change always results in different results.

So if you're ready to move into the next phase of your exercise journey, allow Flowmotion to show you the way. Contact us directly to purchase a mat or find a class nearby! Get on the water and evolve!

Check out an intro video below!!