Benefits of Bootcamp on the Water

We've all been there- lost at the gym, wondering what machine to use next or what weights to throw around. It can be exhausting to just think of a workout routine sometimes. Eventually you become fatigued- not from working out, but from plannning your workout. 

Or, maybe you're a seasoned gym rat who spends most of his/her time conjuring what torturous exercise to do to yourself next. And yet, still, maybe the same people and the same places become stale and you just need a break from the routine. 

What to do next?

Easy. Find a Flow Motion Boot Camp class and reap the immense benefits of our high intensity, high reward workouts where you'll completely transform your body, brain (through balance practice) and understanding of what it means to be physically fit. 

Not convincing enough? Alright, let's go a little deeper on what Flow Motion can add to your life. 

The biggest and most obvious benefit is- get maximum results in minimum time. Boot Camp workouts are designed with a time limit which means you show up, do the work, and leave. There's no resting in between sets, talking with friends, or switching songs on your phone. You're here to work and work is what you'll be doing. And through your dedicated effort results will begin to show up in your body. You'll start to see more definition in your muscles, a higher rate of cardio exercise, and increased cognitive function resulting in a clearer, calmer mind. Pretty cool, right?

But it doesn't stop there. With Flow Motion, you're looking at a complete body workout every time you step on the mat. Through our program routines, we are targeting every major and minor muscle group in your body in combination with balance leaving the participant with sore muscles they never knew existed before. And that's a good thing!!

Because...through the mix of total body workouts by combining strength and cardio your body will kick its metabolism into high gear during and long after your workout. That means you'll be burning 5-10 times more calories during a Flow Motion class than you would runnning a treadmill but not only that- because of the high intensity nature of the class, it's possible and more likely probable that your body will be burning calories up to 36-48 hrs after your class!! Imagine that- you're still burning fat and getting in shape even after working out! 

And of course, the biggest benefit of attending a Flow Motion class is to beat the boredom at the gym. Combining fun and working out is of course the ultimate challenge, which we at Flow Motion believe have achieved. In every class that we have taught, our participants have said two things- 1. That it really worked their entire body. and 2. That is was a whole lot of FUN. Everyone has left with a huge smile on their faces, wondering exactly what they just did, and more importantly- wanting to do it again. Almost immediately. 

So if you'd like to expand your fitness routine, get in better shape than you've ever been in, increase cardio, strength, and cognitive function, and have fun while doing it- Flow Motion is for you. But let's face it, who doesn't want all those things?? So please, stop reading this, and go find a class near you!!! We already won't regret it.