Kid's Bootcamp and Classes

Here at Flow Motion we get asked a lot of questions, which is fair. We are a brand new way to exercise on the water, one that most people are understandably unfamiliar with, so questions are always welcomed. However, there is one question that we seem to be asked more than most-

Is there an age limit when it comes to getting on the mats?

The short answer!!

The long answer though, requires more...well, length, in order to explain. Basically if the participant is confident in their swimming skills in case they fall off, can adequately balance when doing the exercises, and is strong enough to lift themselves onto the mat from the water- then we'll be waiting at a nearby pool to get you into the best shape of your life!

And this, of course, includes children. 

The benefits of Flow Motion do not stop with the adult population. To the contrary- they extend to all ages and skill levels (again- as long as you can swim!) It came to our attention early on that even though some parents were not exactly thrilled to get their butt's kicked by a Flow Motion workout, their kids often were! So we decided to open our classes to the younger population- with great success!!

We all know kid's have high amounts of energy- which is awesome! But not so awesome for tired parents trying to corral their children throughout the day. But bear not! Flow Motion has the remedy. A 45min class- involving balance, cardio, swimming, jumping, even jumping rope, will not only exercise your children to get them into better shape, feeling healthier, and happier, but also work their cognitive function through tactical balance practice, and tire them out from all the fun they'll be having on the water! It really is, a win-win!

We've seen it in every class we have taught- the laughter, the smiling, the competitiveness, and the thrill to keep on enjoying their time on the water with Flow Motion. Don't believe us? Sign your curious child up for a class- and experience the fun of Flow Motion on the water for yourself!